5 Ways That Help You Reduce Costs on Office Spaces!

One of the common problems faced by most of the growing start-ups is finding an ideal office space for their budget. As and when the business starts to grow, you will have to add more number of employees to meet the requirements of your clients, which means you have to expand your office to accommodate more employees. Of course, there are lots of office spaces available in the market out there, but the budget might be a constraint for you as you are now a growing company. But here are a few ways that might help you reduce the costs on your office space.

  1. Consider Suburbs: Probably the cool factor is the thing that is attracting the entrepreneurs to expensive downtown office spaces even when there’s no business case for it. Of course, location plays an important role for some business, but there are some businesses for which location is not a matter. If yours is one such business, consider going for a space which is in suburbs. Employees also love such areas as the traffic will be less. You can easily find a space at an affordable cost in such areas.


  1. Transform Your Current Space: When the team size is growing and you want to expand the office, hire a professional interior designer who can offer new insights to the existing workplace. A professional designer can bring in whole new light to your office and also help you in expanding the space by altering the furniture and other things to accommodate more employees. So, you don’t have to spend on a new office building to accommodate your employees.


  1. Prefer Longer Lease: A stable tenant will often be a best friend for the landlord. I.e. the landlords will be ready to offer great discounts for the tenants who make agreement for a long term. This allows the company to acquire a larger space than it actually needs without increasing its immediate overhead.


  1. Find a Sub-lessee: Rent space more than you actually require and sublease the extra space to another company (with the approval of landlord). This would really help in reducing your burden of paying the rent at least to some extent. Also you will have access to the extra space whenever you need it, but you don’t have to pay for it.


  1. Choose an Open Floor Plan: Many global organizations these days are opting for open floor design as they know the benefits it’s got to offer. It’s definitely beneficial when compared to the normal cubicle designed offices. You can just take off the drywalls around, and can use more square footage when you need extra space to accommodate more employees.

The above mentioned points can be of a great help for you when your business is growing, and you are looking for an office space at an affordable budget to accommodate more number of employees. Just plan well and move ahead while deciding to move on to a new office space.


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How to Make Your Office Space Look Splendid? (Cost Effective Ways)

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For most of the corporate employees today, workplace has almost become their second home that they spend more time than they do anywhere else. Like the employees themselves say, it’s a home away from their home! So, how should an office space be for the employees? It should at least be place that they don’t get sick of being there for long time.

So, how would you keep your employees excited when they are at the workplace? By squandering your money on opulent stuffs to add elegance and enrich the beauty? Of course, it works; it keeps your employees lively and productive. But what’s been the concern for most of the employers is the huge capital that slips out of their hands in the knock of beautifying their office space. So, here are a few simple and cost effective ways through which you can make your office look splendid.

  1. Play with COLOURS

As we all know, colour is something that creates a strong impact on our moods and it plays a great role in changing the moods of your employees. You don’t have to spend lots and lots in order to make your office space interesting and productive for your employees. Just play with colours. Add the splash of colours to your office interiors and make it attractive.

This is a great and easiest way that you can enhance the beauty of your office space; identify the colours that can have a psychological impact on your employees. It doesn’t let them get bored as it keeps them involved with what they do.

Here are the psychological impacts of few colours.

  • White: Pure, neat, sense of space, neutrality and calmness.
  • Red: Warmth, love, energy, intensity, excitement and life.
  • Orange: Excitement, enthusiasm, sophistication, happiness and stimulation.
  • Yellow: Cheer, laughter, intensity, anger, attention, optimism, hunger and frustration.
  • Green: Natural, growth, harmony, health, calmness, tranquillity and cool.
  • Blue: Wisdom, loyalty, truth, focused, serenity and calmness.
  • Pink: Gentle, love, calm and softness.
  1. Matching furniture

Furniture doesn’t just mean the cubicle and the desk; it also means the chair your employees sit on and the cupboards they use to keep their stuff. Choose the most attractive furniture that complements the colour of your office interior. May it be the chair, the desk or any other things used by employees; choose them consciously and wisely to make it look attractive. If your furniture is adding up to the décor of your office space, you don’t have to spend much on enhancing the beauty of it.

  1. Make it clutter-free

Yet another easy and important way to enhance the beauty of your office space is to remove the clutter. Assume yourself in an office filled with piles of documents and heaps of files, will you be able to keep your calmness and sustain the productivity level?  Not at all!  Clearing the clutter makes the office space look spacious while also adding the clean and professional look to the space, which adds up to the moods of employees.

These are the simplest and cost effective ways to make your office space a place of pleasure for your employees. Consider your ability to make changes on your office space, and make it attractive and enjoyable for your employees. If you think you don’t have enough room to make these changes, you will have to think of moving on to a furnished office space that already has all the above mentioned features. After all, keeping employees happy and lively at the workplace is what matters.


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Bangalore Drives Demand for Office Space in India

A top city in India has large office space transactions place is Bangalore. An office space absorption witness to more leasing activity is Bangalore with limited supply in India. Bangalore is one preferred location for entrepreneurs to start up business in India and remains the top corporate office destination in India.

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3 Tips That Help you set up a Great Office for your Start-up

Now that you have decided to move out of the home office or the shared workspace and have an office space of your own. That’s really a great move for you as a business owner. It just means that you’ve seen your business growing and it’s the main reason for you to think of having an office space of your own. It’s really a good decision that you have made, but you have to be very careful while setting up your office as it’s the time that your business is picking up, and one wrong thing can cost you your business. Especially the office space; it plays a vital role in the success of any business. Here are a few tips that can help you set up an ideal office for your start-up.

  1. Work Together and Plan Your Space

It’s always a plus for you to consider the inputs of others, specifically your employees, when you are ideating or creating a blueprint for the look and feel of your start-up space. They provide you the most valuable insights on what exactly they need in their office in order to be more efficient and productive; like conference room design, equipment preferences and other basic amenities.

Most often, the employees provide you the insights that you might have missed during the planning or solo brainstorming sessions. When you consult your employees to provide you some inputs on setting up the space, you will certainly obtain different perspectives on the things like conference room usage, the work flow and so on, which can later be employed while setting up the office space.

In order to gather the inputs of your employees, you can consider holding a catered lunch or an interactive brainstorming session. You can also opt for a simple employee survey by using the services like Google Forms or SurveyMonkey.

  1. Consider the Growing Potential

When you are setting up your office, it’s highly important for you to consider the incremental growth of your company, as it’s more likely for the employee headcount to grow as the start-up scales. But it’s quite obvious that, nobody would want to change the offices for every 5 or 10 employees they add.

Considering the growing potential of the company, you can choose the furniture needed accordingly. If your company seems to grow and if you are in a plan to add few more employees, you can choose the space that can accommodate all the employees. You can also add or remove pieces on the furniture to accommodate few more employees.

  1. Customize the Space To Your Company’s Identity

Just because the neighbour start-up has employed open plan design for the office, you don’t necessarily have to go with the same open plan design. Ultimately the main purpose of an office is the functionality and productivity. But you should never forget the brand value of your business and also the vibe; you should never go out of it. All that you need to do is to identify the ways to design your start-up space such that it reflects the company’s ethos.

One of the simplest and cost effective ways to bring the company culture to life is to decorate the conference rooms in such a way that it adds a bit of fun while also supplementing the productivity purposes. You just have to bear in mind that a customized office space can be a great advocate for your brand while also being a retention tool.

As and when the company starts to gain traction, many changes are bound to be along the way. So it’s very important to roll with the changes and be open for continuous adoption to find out what works and what doesn’t. You just have to create an environment that fosters innovation and help your employees solve the problem easily.


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