5 Ways That Help You Reduce Costs on Office Spaces!

One of the common problems faced by most of the growing start-ups is finding an ideal office space for their budget. As and when the business starts to grow, you will have to add more number of employees to meet the requirements of your clients, which means you have to expand your office to accommodate more employees. Of course, there are lots of office spaces available in the market out there, but the budget might be a constraint for you as you are now a growing company. But here are a few ways that might help you reduce the costs on your office space.

  1. Consider Suburbs: Probably the cool factor is the thing that is attracting the entrepreneurs to expensive downtown office spaces even when there’s no business case for it. Of course, location plays an important role for some business, but there are some businesses for which location is not a matter. If yours is one such business, consider going for a space which is in suburbs. Employees also love such areas as the traffic will be less. You can easily find a space at an affordable cost in such areas.


  1. Transform Your Current Space: When the team size is growing and you want to expand the office, hire a professional interior designer who can offer new insights to the existing workplace. A professional designer can bring in whole new light to your office and also help you in expanding the space by altering the furniture and other things to accommodate more employees. So, you don’t have to spend on a new office building to accommodate your employees.


  1. Prefer Longer Lease: A stable tenant will often be a best friend for the landlord. I.e. the landlords will be ready to offer great discounts for the tenants who make agreement for a long term. This allows the company to acquire a larger space than it actually needs without increasing its immediate overhead.


  1. Find a Sub-lessee: Rent space more than you actually require and sublease the extra space to another company (with the approval of landlord). This would really help in reducing your burden of paying the rent at least to some extent. Also you will have access to the extra space whenever you need it, but you don’t have to pay for it.


  1. Choose an Open Floor Plan: Many global organizations these days are opting for open floor design as they know the benefits it’s got to offer. It’s definitely beneficial when compared to the normal cubicle designed offices. You can just take off the drywalls around, and can use more square footage when you need extra space to accommodate more employees.

The above mentioned points can be of a great help for you when your business is growing, and you are looking for an office space at an affordable budget to accommodate more number of employees. Just plan well and move ahead while deciding to move on to a new office space.


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